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Preventive Dentistry-History

The Faculty of Dentistry as it is today went through a chequered path to arrive at the present day Destination: It was hatched by the College of Medicine under the Provost ship of Late Prof. D.C Nwafor: Prof D.C. Nwafor a renowned surgeon naturally, placed the baby (Dentistry) under Surgery Department. From inception in 1982 till about 1988, Dentistry later became a School under the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Dentistry. Prof D.C. Nwafor’s efforts and foresight have never been matched. His effort to create the Faculty of Dentistry was thwarted in favour of Faculty of Health Sciences and Technology. Prof F. Udeh was the first Head of the Baby Dentistry. With the recruitment of Dental Staff viz Dr M.S. Amaeshi, Dr Sam Maduakor and then Dr E.M Ndiokwelu and visiting Professor L. Nwoku and Dr Kulasekara, the baby was baptized a School to be headed by a College Dean in 1989. Then Dr E.M. Ndiokwelu, a Community Dentist became the first College Dean. Dr. M.S. Amaeshi by 1989 transferred his services to Federal School of Dental Technology and Therapy. Dr Sam Maduakor (the first permanent staff) and Dr Ndiokwelu administered the recognized existing two Departments – Maxillofacial and Preventive Dentistry. Dr Nagarandra and Dr .C. Oji were recruited in 1990. The Period spanning from 1992 to 2000 witnessed stunted growth for Dentistry. With the encouragement of Prof Obiechina of University of Ibadan and keen interest of Prof Ozumba as Provost and understanding of the then Vice- chancellor, Prof Nebo the Faculty of Dentistry came to be. Students were re-admitted, lecturers were recruited. Today, the Faculty of Dentistry can boast of retinue of all cadres of staff,-(academic, administrative and technological), four departments, one of which is the Department of Preventive Dentistry.


The mission of the Department of Preventive Dentistry is to contribute to the growth and advancement of Dentistry by tutorials, instructions, research and clinical delivery and remain a-par with international contemporary practices.


  1. Grooming of competent practitioners at all levels through teaching, instructions and supervisions.
  2. Impact on the society through high class clinical services and health education.
  3. Advance the art of Dentistry by researches and publications.
  4. Collaborate with allied medical department for the wholistic advancement of Medicare.

Scope of the Department

The Preventive Dentistry Department comprises 3 sub-units

  • Periodontology
  • Community Dentistry and
  • Oral Medicine and Oral Radiology

Since the creation of the Faculty in 2002, we have been part of the training of undergraduate dental students. Four sets (totalling more than 50) of Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) graduates have been produced. A good number of them a gainfully employed, some went to further their studies abroad while the rest are ready for their Residency training programme.